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Bolduc Maple Products.

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Since 1937, Bolduc Maple Products Inc., a family business, has been involved in the purchase and processing of maple syrup and its exportation across Canada, United States, Europe, and some Asian countries. Bolduc Maple Products Inc. can supply several regions and countries with pure maple syrup, whether it be conventional syrup, organic syrup, or syrup for industrial purposes, in sizes ranging from a 250 ml glass bottle to a 1,000 L tank.

The company in a few words

Since all our operations are standardized and our state-of-the-art processing equipment meets the requirements of the CFIA and all other Canadian agricultural regulations in effect, we are able to provide our customers with the best product available on the market. In addition to that, our products are certified organic by Ecocert Canada and comply with kosher food regulations.

Quality control is Bolduc Maple Products’s top priority. Every week, under the supervision of management, our 27,000-square-foot facility is completely and thoroughly cleaned. Also, each barrel of maple syrup that arrives at our facility has been previously classified and verified by ACER inspectors. A second inspection is also carried out in-house before resale.

Our advanced bottling system allows us to offer a fast and customized packaging service for the private labels of our clients. We are equipped to meet all your labeling needs for export to the United States, Europe, Asia, or anywhere else in the world.

Our company is located in the heart of the Beauce region, where 70% of Canadian maple syrup is produced. Thanks to our excellent reputation, we are guaranteed a constant supply, year after year, by more than 600 producers from the region who take advantage of our microclimate to produce an exquisite maple syrup that has a unique flavor.

What you need to know about maple syrup

During spring, after the harsh Canadian winter, maple trees are tapped by drilling small holes through their bark. The precious drops of sweet sap are collected in traditional buckets or, more often these days, through an increasingly elaborate piping system.

Nearly 120 liters of maple sap are needed to produce 4 liters of pure maple syrup. After several hours of slow evaporation, the precious liquid is transformed into delicious syrup.

Canada is responsible for 95% of maple syrup exports and 71% of world maple syrup production. The Beauce region, in the province of Quebec, alone produces 70% of Canada’s maple syrup.

Maple products are appreciated all over the world, and more than 50 countries import them. The main export destinations for maple products are the United States (62%), the European Union (24%), Japan (6%), and Australia. Other countries together account for 4% of the market.

Our services

Maple Syrup Export

We export our maple syrup to both Canada and the United States, extending from Europe to some Asian countries. Bolduc Maple Products Inc. can supply several regions and countries with pure maple syrup whether it be conventional syrup, organic syrup or syrup for industrial purposes, in size ranging from the 250 ml glass bottle to the 1,000 L tank.

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Private Label Maple Syrup

Want to buy and distribute your own brand of pure maple syrup? It couldn’t be simpler! Our extensive experience allows us to accompany you during the whole process until your products are on the shelves. Private labeling is a great way to distinguish yourself from your competitors’ products.


  • 250 ml glass bottle – 12 bottles/box – 110 boxes/pallet
  • 375 ml glass bottle – 12 bottles/box – 90 boxes/pallet
  • 1 L plastic bottle – 6 bottles/box – 90 boxes/pallet


  • Conventional pure maple syrup
  • Pure organic maple syrup from Ecocert Canada–certified producers
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Our products

250 ml glass bottle

12 bottles per box - 110 boxes/pallet

375 ml glass bottle

12 bottle per box - 90 boxes/pallet

1 L plastic bottle

6 bottle per box - 90 boxes/pallet

18.9 L bucket

24 buckets/pallet

205 L drum

3 or 4 drums/pallet

1000 L tank

1 tank/pallet

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Types of Maple Syrup

Ideal for private label sales to consumers :

  • GOLDEN (AA) maple syrup / delicate taste / 75% and more*
  • AMBER maple syrup (A + B) / rich taste / 50% to 74.9%*
  • DARK (C) maple syrup / robust flavor / 25% to 49.9%*

Ideal for the industrial market :

  • EXTRA DARK maple syrup (D) / strong taste / 25% and less*

* The amount of light that maple syrup lets through



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